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Título: Choroid plexus tumours: a surgically treated series
Autor: Barbosa, MD
Rebelo, O
Barbosa, P
Lacerda, A
Fernandes, R
Palavras-chave: Carcinoma
Neoplasias do Plexo Coróide
Procedimentos Neurocirúrgicos
Data: 2001
Citação: Neurocirugia (Astur). 2001;12(1):7-16
Resumo: Choroid plexus tumours-carcinomas and papillomas are rare, especially in adults, and they pose some problems in their diagnosis and management. We have reviewed a series of nine cases from our institution surgically treated during the last 18 years. Their clinical charts, neuroradiological examinations, surgical technique, neuropathology and follow-up were analysed. In only one case total removal proved to be impossible, but even in cases of total removal recurrence appeared in two cases (one carcinoma and one papilloma). Morbility is especially associated with posterior fossa tumours. These rare tumours are managed surgically. They are usually associated with hydrocephalus, and it is difficult to forecast whether or not permanent CSF drainage will be required. A long-term follow-up is needed in patients with this type of tumour.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/973
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