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Título: Genótipos do VHC: Histopatologia hepática e perfil imunológico em quatro grupos de doentes
Outros títulos: HCV genotypes. Liver histopathology and immunologic profile in four groups of patients
Autor: Carvalho, A
Martinho, A
Leitão, J
Cipriano, MA
Coimbra, H
Porto, A
Palavras-chave: Hepatite C
Data: 2000
Editora: Centro Editor Livreiro da Ordem dos Médicos
Citação: Acta Med Port. 2000 May-Jun;13(3):67-75
Resumo: AIM: Study on the prevalence of MCV genotypes, and correlation with liver pathology and immunological parameters. PATIENTS AND METHODS: 77 chronic hepatitis C patients (52 males, 25 females), mean age 44 +/- 14 years, belonging to four groups: (1) 23 (11 males) without other aetiology, (II) 19 (18 males) excessive drinkers, (III) 18 (12 males) haemodialysed, (IV) 17 (11 males) renal transplantation patients Genotyping was done by PCR (primers of the core, and hybridisation with specific probes). Serum Igs A, G, and M (by nephelometry), and peripheral blood lymphocyte (PBL) subsets (by flow cytometry) were determined. RESULTS: One genotype was found in 62 patients (1b 69.2%, 1a 21.5%, 2a 3.1%, 2b 3.1%, 3a 9.2%), and two genotypes in 4 patients (1b + 3a in 1 of group 1, 1b + 2a in 2 and 1a + 3a in 1 of group 111). Twelve cases (15.6%) were not identified (NI). Relative prevalence was not different in the four groups, but in 7 drug addicts 1 b was not found (Ia in 71.4%, 3 a 28.6%) The relationship between genotypes and age was significant (p < 0.05): in the 34 patients with less than 40 years, 1b was found in 38.2%, in the others in 41.2%, and NI in 20.6%; in those with 40-60 years, 1b was found in 68.8%, in the others in 15.6%, M in 15.6%; in those above 60 years, 1b was found in 90.9%, in the others in 9.1%. Of those identified, only genotype 1 (1a and 1b) was associated to moderate or severe activity, and infected 11/13 cases of cirrhosis or severe fibrosis. IgM (g/dL) was lower in 1b than in the others: 1.58 + 1.23 vs. 2.53 + 1.93 (p < 0.01). PBL (per mm3) were lesser in 1b than in the others, with significance for the CD8+: 540t239 vs. 739 + 420 (p < 0.01). CONCLUSIONS: Genotype 1b was the most prevalent in Portuguese patients, more significantly in the elderly, and was absent in drug addicts. The prevalence of genotypes is similar in general patients, in chronic haemodialysed, in renal transplantation recipients and in alcoholics. More severe liver pathology was associated with 1b and 1a genotypes. IgM and CD8+ had lower mean values in 1b infected patients. Other genotypes are certainly important in Portugal.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/573
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