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Título: Current surgical management of mitral regurgitation
Autor: Calvinho, P
Antunes, MJ
Palavras-chave: Insuficiência da Válvula Mitral
Implante de Prótese de Válvulas Cardíacas
História da Medicina do Século XX
Data: 2008
Citação: Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther. 2008 Apr;6(4):481-90
Resumo: From Walton Lillehei, who performed the first successful open mitral valve surgery in 1956, until the advent of robotic surgery in the 21st Century, only 50 years have passed. The introduction of the first heart valve prosthesis, in 1960, was the next major step forward. However, correction of mitral disease by valvuloplasty results in better survival and ventricular performance than mitral valve replacement. However, the European Heart Survey demonstrated that only 40% of the valves are repaired. The standard procedures (Carpentier's techniques and Alfieri's edge-to-edge suture) are the surgical basis for the new technical approaches. Minimally invasive surgery led to the development of video-assisted and robotic surgery and interventional cardiology is already making the first steps on endovascular procedures, using the classical concepts in highly differentiated approaches. Correction of mitral regurgitation is a complex field that is still growing, whereas classic surgery is still under debate as the new era arises.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/478
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