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Título: Mode I fracture characterization of human bone using the DCB test
Autor: Silva, FG
Moura, MF
Pereira, FA
Morais, JJ
Dias, MI
Lourenço, PJ
Judas, F
Palavras-chave: Fracturas dos Ossos
Data: 2015
Citação: Int J Struct Integr. 2015; 6(3):355 - 66.
Resumo: Purpose – Fracture characterization of human cortical bone under pure mode I loading was performed in this work. The purpose of this paper is to validate the proposed test and procedure concerning fracture characterization of human cortical bone under pure mode I loading. Design/methodology/approach – A miniaturized version of the double cantilever beam (DCB) test was used for the experimental tests. A data reduction scheme based on crack equivalent concept and Timoshenko beam theory is proposed to overcome difficulties inherent to crack length monitoring during the test. The application of the method propitiates an easy determination of the Resistance-curves (R-curves) that allow to define the fracture energy under mode I loading from the plateau region. The average value of fracture energy was subsequently used in a numerical analysis with element method involving cohesive zone modelling. Findings – The excellent agreement obtained reveals that the proposed test and associated methodology is quite effective concerning fracture characterization of human cortical bone under pure mode I loading. Originality/value – A miniaturized version of traditional DCB test was proposed for cortical human bone fracture characterization under mode I loading owing to size restrictions imposed by human femur. In fact, DCB specimen propitiates a longer length for self-similar crack propagation without undertaking spurious effects. As a consequence, a R-curve was obtained allowing an adequate characterization of cortical bone fracture under mode I loading.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/1824
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