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Título: Anti-MuSK-positive myasthenia gravis diagnosed during pregnancy: New challenges for an old disease
Autor: Neves, AR
Monteiro, P
Matos, A
Santos-Silva, I
Palavras-chave: Miastenia Gravis
Complicações na Gravidez
Receptores Proteína Tirosina Quinases
Data: 2015
Citação: BMJ Case Rep. 2015 Jan 5;2015. pii: bcr2014207708
Resumo: Myasthenia gravis is an autoimmune disorder affecting predominantly women in their reproductive age. The course of the disease during pregnancy is unpredictable, although it is more difficult to manage earlier in the gestation. Myasthenia gravis with antibodies against the muscle-specific receptor tyrosine kinase (anti-MuSK) has been described as a subtype of disease with more localised clinical features and a poorer response to treatment than acetylcholine receptor antibody (anti-AChR)-positive patients. Few cases have been reported in pregnant women, with deliveries being performed mainly by caesarean section. We report a successful case of vaginal delivery and describe our experience providing the first review of the management of this subtype of disease during pregnancy.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/1786
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