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Título: Eletroconvulsoterapia no tratamento da psicose puerperal
Outros títulos: Electroconvulsive therapy in puerperal psychosis
Autor: Madeira, N
Santos, T
Relvas, J
Pio-Abreu, JL
Oliveira, CV
Palavras-chave: Terapêutica Electroconvulsiva
Alterações no Puerpério
Data: 2012
Citação: J Bras Psiquiatr. 2012; 61(1):45-8
Resumo: Puerperal psychosis (PP) is an exuberant clinical syndrome with an estimated frequency of 1 case per 1,000 childbirths that has been most consistently associated with the bipolar disorders spectrum. Available evidence is scarce, namely regarding management and treatment. The authors present the clinical case of a 28 year-old first-time mother, with no psychiatric history, who developed a florid psychotic syndrome in the first weeks of puerperium. Due to lack of improvement following pharmacological treatment, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was applied, with substantial and quick response. In this context, the authors reviewed current literature on the use of ECT for the treatment of puerperal psychosis.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/1391
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