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Título: How to organize gynecologic oncology in the future: Results of an international questionnaire
Autor: Vergote, IB
Oliveira, CF
Dargent, D
Palavras-chave: Ginecologia
Data: 1997
Editora: Blackwell Science
Citação: Int J Gynecol Cancer. 1997; 7 (5): 368-75
Resumo: A questionnaire was sent to 93 gynecologic oncologists from 54 countriesabout the way in which gynecologic oncology was organized in their country, orif the (sub)speciality wasnot yet recognized, how they thought it should be organized. The questionnairewas answered by 64 persons from 42 different countries. The subspecialty wasrecognised in 17 (41%) of the countries. Fifty-five respondents (86%) thought thatgynecologic oncology should be a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology. Themedian duration of the gynecologiconcologic fellowship program was 30 months. Diagnosis and surgery accounted forabout 58% of the duration of the program. In 52% of the answersfrom countries with boardcertification, the fellows had to pass a theoretical and practical examination,and in addition 22% of the candidates had to defend a thesis to qualifyfor certification.Training centers in countries that recognized gynecologic oncology had amedian number of 142 new cases per year (for 1 fellow). The median number ofgynecologic oncologogistsand fellows per 10(7) inhabitants in countries with boardcertification in gynecologic oncology was 42 and 6, respectively. Finally, theimportant role of internationalsocieties (like the International Gynecologic Cancer Society and the EuropeanSociety of Gynaecological Oncology) in supporting the countries withoutrecognized GynecologicOncology was stressed by the respondents. The setting up of internationalstandards for training programs, training centers, board certification, and theorganization ofinternational exchange programs for fellows seemed to be equally important,according to the questionnaire responses.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/119
ISSN: 1525-1438
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