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Título: Placental site trophoblastic tumour: the value of transvaginal colour and pulsed Doppler sonography (TV-CDS) in its diagnosis: case report
Autor: Bettencourt, E
Pinto, E
Abraúl, E
Dinis, M
Oliveira, CF
Palavras-chave: Tumor Trofoblástico de Localização Placentária
Ultrassonografia Doppler a Cores
Ultrassonografia Doppler de Pulso
Data: 1997
Citação: Eur J Gynaecol Oncol. 1997;18(6):461-4.
Resumo: The clinical, transvaginal sonography and colour flow mapping of one patient with placental site trophoblastic tumour is presented. Colour Doppler documented a marked increase in uterine vascularity, characterised by low diastolic flow suggestive of low resistance blood flow, without regression after completion of apparently successful chemotherapy, when negative beta-hCG plasma levels were obtained. Surgical treatment was based upon our experience with colour Doppler assessment of gestational trophoblastic tumours and a review of the literature. This case suggests that TV-CDS, performed serially, is very useful in monitoring patients during chemotherapy and in detecting residual tumour, and should greatly increase the accurancy of diagnosis of PSTT.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/118
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