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Título: The diseases we cause: Iatrogenic illness in a department of internal medicine
Autor: Madeira, S
Melo, M
Porto, J
Monteiro, S
Pereira de Moura, JM
Alexandrino, MB
Moura, JJ
Palavras-chave: Doença Iatrógenica
Data: 2007
Editora: Elsevier
Citação: Eur J Intern Med. 2007 Sep;18(5):391-9.
Resumo: BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to estimate the incidence, main causes, and risk factors of iatrogenic disease occurring in a department of internal medicine. METHODS: Over a 1-year period, physicians systematically filled out a 2-page questionnaire for all patients admitted to the ward. A database was created and the data were statistically analyzed. Patients undergoing immunosuppressive, chemo-, or radiation therapy were excluded. Missing data were completed by reviewing the patients' charts. The patients were then divided into two groups: those with and those without iatrogenic disease. The groups were compared using several parameters including gender, age, social features, days of hospitalization, associated illness, functional status, medical impression, prognosis, associated renal or liver function impairment, drugs taken daily, and outcome. In the group with iatrogenic disease, the type, severity, and predictability were also analyzed. RESULTS: Of the 879 patients admitted to the ward, 445 completed questionnaires and were included in the study. A total of 102 patients (22.9%) developed 121 iatrogenic events. Forty-four patients (43.1%) were admitted for iatrogenic illness, 10 (9.8%) developed life-threatening events, and in 3 (6.8%) it was the cause of death. Fifty-eight patients (56.8%) registered 77 episodes of iatrogenic disease during their hospital stay, 20 (19.6%) developed life-threatening events, and 9 (11.7%) died, 4 (5.2%) of an iatrogenic cause (nosocomial infections). Significant differences were found in 20 out of 26 parameters studied (p<0.005 for all cases; 95% confidence interval). Eighteen percent of all iatrogenic disease was severe, 61.9% predictable, 54.5% avoidable, and 59% drug-related, 80% of which was due to side effects or adverse reactions. Infection and metabolic and electrolyte disorders were the most frequent effects. CONCLUSIONS: It is possible to identify risk factors for iatrogenic events. Chronically ill elderly inpatients are the main target of iatrogenic events.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.4/1137
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